Mid Blazer 77-BQ6806-100


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Introducing the pinnacle of fashion and sophistication in the best sneakers shop in Bangladesh Mid Blazer 77-BQ6806-100. Mid Blazer 77-BQ6806-100 is only one of the real and replica shoes that SoleHarvest.com offers in the highest quality. With its combination of traditional style and contemporary aesthetics, this famous silhouette is a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast.


In the ‘70s, Nike was the new shoe on the block. So unique in fact, we were still breaking into the basketball scene and testing prototypes on the feet of our local team. Of course, the design improved over the years, but the name stuck. The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage—classic since the beginning.


The Nike Blazer Mid 77 has a style that matches its retro design. The Blazer features an old-school-looking leather high-top construction in a white base construction. Here, the retro Nike logo appears on the tongue, the old school ‘NIKE’ typography on the heel, and the usual Swoosh logo appears in dark beetroot. The look is finished with a flat rubber sole for comfort.

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