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Welcome to, the best sneaker shop in Bangladesh, where we take great delight in providing a broad range of high-end footwear options, including real sneakers and impressive copies. With our unique Gucci Slides Black – 408508, enter the world of luxury and style.

With the Gucci Slides Black – 408508, embrace the pinnacle of style and comfort. These slides, which were made with extreme care and attention to detail, are proof of Gucci’s famous quality and classic style.

Design: The Gucci Slides Black have a modern, sleek design that is ideal for dressing up your casual ensemble or completing your carefree look. The slides‘ elegant and adaptable black synthetic leather upper makes them a great addition to your shoe collection.

Signature Detailing: The distinctive Gucci logo, which stands for distinction and elegance and is imprinted on the strap of these slides, is one of its defining characteristics. These slides stand out because to the subtly distinctive symbol, which gives them an undeniable sense of class.

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